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Friday, February 24, 2012

A Play, Perhaps a Comedy: A Tortuous Transition

[A play. Perhaps a comedy.]

Artemis has been able to climb out of her pack n' play (herein referred to as "crib") for several weeks. We thought that we stifled that behavior by moving Max's crib clear across the room (she was climbing from one crib into another). So naïve. [Shakes head in disappointment].

ACT ONE, Scene One
[The curtain rises. I am sitting at my desk checking email. The kids are having their daily nap/quiet time...]

After a while, I started to hear some "activity" but figured that they were just throwing everything out of their cribs (as usual). Then, I heard a knock at the door. However, it wasn't coming from the direction of the front door but rather the bedroom. How could that be? I went to investigate and found that both kids had gotten (pretty near) naked and climbed out of their cribs. Havoc was their middle name.

[Scene ends with me making a mental note to talk to Ed about transitioning to "big kid beds" in the future...}.

Note that Scene One was written at Noon today.

Scene Two
It's 7pm.

At the end of Scene One, I was confident in my plan to wait for Ed to get home to discuss the transition. I mean, what’s the rush to get them into big kid beds, they're only two not twenty...

Unfortunately for me, that that's not how things ended. [Shakes head in sadness, they’re growing up so fast].

[The kids are once again in their cribs].

Three hours after Party #1 started, they finally went down for a nap/quiet time. And that was that. Or so I thought. [Shows serious disbelief for naivety].

That's when I heard IT. The thump followed by a wail. Sure enough, Max had launched himself out of his crib and onto the hard, cold, emotionless, floor (every play needs a little drama). I got there quickly and he only cried for a minute (thankfully, he didn't even knock the wind out of himself). That's when I knew.

I couldn’t wait for their twentieth birthday. I couldn't wait for Ed to get home tomorrow night. I couldn't wait.

So, I dragged out the single mattress, put it on the floor (I left the cribs set up) and got them to help my put on the bear sheet (the bears have since been named "Alexander"). They couldn't WAIT to get to bed.

There’s a first (and last) time for everything.

I am currently sitting outside the bedroom door (in the kitchen), listening to them throw Party #2. They've tried everything; sneaking a peek, closing the door, coming out to visit, wrestling (Artemis usually ends up on the bottom), needing water, trying to engage me in (totally adorable) conversation, wanting their soother (they keep throwing them into their cribs). You name it. Each activity is usually followed by them running back and jumping on the bed.

In case you were unaware.

My strategy. A little of everything. A lot of nothing.

[The entire bedroom (less their bed) is now in the kitchen.]

Are they human? Will they never sleep?

I am tough. But, there are two of them.

It's going to be a long night.

Yet another of many more to come.

[Scene Two ends with me crying into a puddle of tears. Not really but I'm loving all this drama].


Scene Three
[During the Intermission, the kids drank two sippy cups full of water (where did they come from?), cried out for Daddy to come save them and almost collapsed from sheer amusement (add a couple of bumps and bruises for good measure)].

It's 9:23pm. Two hours, 23 minutes since the commencement of Scene Two.

Sweet Dreams.

[Note that I risked considerable torment to take this (crappy) picture (I needed to use a flash). However, my commitment to my loyal followers is well documented. That and I will stop at (almost) nothing to obtain "embarrassing" photos to show at my kids wedding].

Scene Three Ends.


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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Update from Mexico, February 22, 2012

Where do I begin? It’s been about 10 weeks since I last posted (but who’s counting). Here’s what I remember so far.

The weather has been amazing. The best winter as far back as we can remember (since 2003). The kids and I have been getting out almost every day. Ed’s birthday is coming next Wednesday (he’ll officially be 14) and we’re planning a shindig for March 4.

Ed is currently in Edmonton until Saturday and he was in Ottawa (on business) from January 22 to January 28. That should be his last trip until we leave.

We’ve been here (over) nine weeks and plan on leaving in 3.5 weeks. That would make it a departure date of March 17. In turn, we should be in Toronto on March 20 (late or is that early on the 21st?) and in Ottawa on March 23.

Our neighbour has been doing renovations on our house (gutted the living room and bathroom). I’m really looking forward to having the house just the way I want it.

The zoo is doing great. Phoenix has had two infections. The first time we took him to our vet and he showed me how to do intramuscular injections so I finished them off two more). The second time, we knew exactly what it was and I had some medicine left over so I gave him three shots again. I was nervous the first time but now I’m a pro. This skill will come in handy with all the dogs we see (no, I don’t have any “extra dogs”… yet).

And now for the news you’re really been waiting for… the kids.

I just realized this week that Artemis calls me “Momma” and Max calls me “Mommy”. I refer to myself as “Mommy”. Artemis calls herself “Ar-Ar” or “Girl” and as of this week, Max was calling Artemis “Baby” (a name that I often use with her, I don’t know why). Recently, he started calling her “Fitoo” which is Ed’s nickname for her (I’ll leave his reasoning behind how she got the name for another post). We have a picture of Alexander up on the fridge and the kids (mostly Artemis) regularly share things with him and say “hi”. Artemis is really sensitive to his existence and calls him “Alay”. As of today, Max started calling him “Zander”.

Both kids are still in size 5 diapers (although Max could easily wear size 6) and potty training is at a standstill. Artemis knows exactly what other people do (she even talks daily about how people go to the washroom “in the toilet”) and she’s gone a couple of times (successfully) but she does not regularly want to go. So, I don’t push it. Max, couldn’t give a “poo” about going poo.

Max wears size 24 month clothes. I put him in size 2 but they’re a bit big. Artemis is in size 18 months and size 2 clothes are way too big.

Both know a ton of colours but not exactly which colour is which. Max’s favourite colour is green and Artemis’ is orange. I say this because if you ask them what colour something is, most of the time, that’s the colour they’ll say.

Both kids know the numbers 1-5 but like their colours, it’s pretty hit and miss. Tonight, Max told me that he had 3 noses and one leg. Their favourite number is two.

They always use 3-4 word sentences and love adjectives such as big, up/high, little, tiny, hot and wet.

When we arrived here (December 19), Artemis dropped her only sleep and has still not picked it up. Once a week she’ll sleep in the afternoon for 30 minutes (if I’m lucky). Thankfully, like his mother, Max likes to sleep and is always good for a 1.5-2 hour nap.

Max absolutely loves all things music. Today he turned over the laundry basket and then asked me for two spoons. I asked him why and he said “drum, music”. We regularly find him using odd things as a microphone (he loves to sing but unfortunately carries a tune like his mother…) and will dance to ANYTHING, including my humming.

Artemis is very conscious and caring. When Max cries she’ll come up and rub his head or back (as I’m doing). She loves to kiss him and always gives him the toy that she has (that he wants).

Max is very polite, saying please, no thank you and sorry (especially when he wants something from Artemis, he thinks that’s what he’s supposed to say).

Three weeks ago (January 28), I started timeouts. Both kids have had two tries and they don’t like it much. Hopefully that’s the way it will stay.

Both kids understand a ton of Spanish and use many words. For example, ven=come, mira=look, puente=bridge, deja lo=leave it. They only know these Spanish words. They also say many more words such as adios, hola, tia and the list goes on.

We have a bunch of routines, one of which revolves around meals. When it’s time to eat, they get into their chairs, put on their bibs and (generally) eat. When they’re done, they need to ask permission to get down, hang up their bib, put their dishes in the sink (they can just reach) and push in their chair. One will remind the other or help the other one out.

Both are really good eaters. Max will try anything. Most of the time, if Max likes, it, Artemis will give it a try. Tonight we had “fish” for dinner (one of the kids favourites). Think fried minnows. Max likes to break the head off and eat the tail. Artemis likes to eat the heads.

Thankfully, they really enjoy each other’s company and we like them too.

That’s all for now. I know that you want pictures but our internet connection is the pits so you’ll just have to wait. I took some pictures and videos today. I probably won’t post until we get back to Ottawa so until then, Hasta Luego (until then).

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